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The Best Way to Clean Your Newborn

It’s a blessing a for a couple to welcome a new baby , the new bundle of joy will be life changing to the entire family. Now the next thing is to figure out how to care for the delicate new born so that you can be sure that they are in the best of health. A lot of planning goes into the grand welcome of the baby but when it comes to the details of the day to day care of the baby after the birth, a few go that far.

Your baby needs to be bathed from time to time, this is a crucial time for the mother or the father as they get to bond. As the primary care giver, you need to do the necessary to make sure that you are cleaning your bundle of joy in a way that is recommended. Most parents are reserved when it comes to the use of bath tubs in bathing their babies but the truth is that there is nothing wrong. As you will observe your baby’s navel area is like a wound and as you would be advised by a pediatrician you need to be careful in how you give them a bath.

For that perfect baby bath start by having all the supplies that you need within arm’s reach because you will be supporting the head of the baby with your arm and you c don’t want them to be uncomfortable if you have to keep stretching far off. Changing tables applies to many parents but any surface can work so long as it’s comfortable enough. The human hands pass a lot of bacteria around as well as pick them, wash your hands well before you begin giving your baby a bath. You need to observe the highest level of cleanliness in the bathing area as well.

The next step will be to prepare your baby for the bath , you begin by undressing them but it’s advisable to leave the diaper on just in case they want to have bathroom moment right there. Having undressed the baby lay a towel on the bathing table top and then lay the child on them in readiness for the bath. Once you have your wash cloth with you get some water and dampen it and bath the baby gently. The water for the bath needs to be warm and not hot, it’s important to get the temperature right because the skin of a baby tends to be very sensitive. Start behind the ears moving down and give attention to areas that bacteria might grow. The navel stump needs to be approached with care so that no infection develops.

In the crotch area you can now take the diaper off so that you wash the genitals, here you need to be gentle, for baby girls wipe from the front to back and for the circumcised boys be gentle with them but don’t touch the head of the private part until they are fully healed. The scalp of the baby is last, let the water be fresh, you can use shampoo or just water but be gentle. Tilt the head of the baby so water does not get into the eyes. Once clean get a fresh towel and touch to dry with attention to the navel area that no moisture is left, dress them immediately with clean diapers and fresh clothes and more info.