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Benefits of Silicone Bongs

Many people tend to go for glass bongs when they head to an online headshop. But of late people seem to have noticed that there are silicone bongs as well. Silicone is a material that exhibits more durability when compared to glass. This is as long as you are using one made of pure silicone, since those with other material in them might not be as good. Here are some of the advantages of investing in a silicone bong.

It is a known fact that silicone is durable. You can subject it to physical abuse, and it will not break down the way glass normally would. Those that will have some glass attachments need you to be more careful with them. Since it can also bend without breaking; you shall have an easier time transporting it.

Silicone bongs need you to be very hygienic when using them. The fact that it is highly durable may make some people neglect to keep it clean throughout. Silicone that has been neglected in terms of cleanliness tends to develop a resistance to cleaning attempts later on. You may even notice an unpleasant smell coming from the bong. You should, therefore, ensure it is kept properly cleaned at all times. There is also the fact that it keeps breaking down over time since it came from natural materials. This means that you need to think of buying another one with time.

Another advantage of silicone is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly material. This means that when you decide to dispose of your bong, it shall not affect the environment with harmful chemicals. It shall continue to disintegrate down to its former elements, silicon and oxygen. As long as you invest in one made of pure materials, the environmental impact shall remain positive. This site presents some of the best silicone bongs out there.

It is clear that silicone bongs are a good choice for anyone who wishes to indulge. These are the best for a first time smoker to go for, since they are not yet familiar with how to care for a more fragile equipment. These will also not cost you as much as it would cost you to buy the glass kind. They shall also train a person to care for their smoking accessories and equipment, since they have to keep it clean and hygienic. You can keep using it until later on when you might venture out to using glass bongs, since you shall have become more careful with it. You, therefore, need to find an online shop that shall have a wide variety of silicone bongs to choose from. You will get to choose any color and size you want. You need to see if they allow for you to change your order in case you do not like what you picked.

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